Digital Credentials

About our badge program

With a passion for serving customers and giving back in our communities, we know it takes a commitment to excellence to be the best neighbors we can be. Our badge program is one way we support continuous learning and improvement so our employees can develop skills they need for the future.

Badges are a portfolio of skills, ways of learning, and experiences. They are acknowledgement of the skills employees have and contributions employees make as they prepare for serving our customers well into the future and as they prepare for their next steps in their career interests. Our badges are hosted by a third-party.

“We’re driven to learn, adapt, and grow so we can help more people in more ways – forever.” - Michael Tipsord, Chairman, President, and CEO

Disclaimer: State Farm does not make any representation that our badges are a measure or guarantee of quality or expertise. They should not be relied upon as such. State Farm badges are issued based on our own internal, subjective criteria. Assessments for meeting badge criteria are completed at the time a badge is issued.