Legal, Compliance & Risk Management Careers

Put our mission to work

Our legal, compliance, and risk management teams deliver on a promise to help protect our customers, every day. In our highly-regulated financial services industry, the Company relies on the knowledge, direction, and wisdom of these teams to guide it and keep us all in line with its mission and vision.

We ensure an ethical work environment where respect is demonstrated to and by every employee. Our counsel helps guide employees and agents alike. The goal is to help customers manage their unique risks and identify opportunities to support the enterprise.

Legal career

Our in-house legal team covers a wide variety of practice areas and provides counsel for business strategies, government/public policy and compliance issues. We represent the Company in legal proceedings, as well as provide legal review of policies, procedures and contracts. We also manage all stages of extra-contractual, class action and affirmative litigation. Our responsibilities span a broad spectrum of professional roles, including relationship management, litigation process and non-legal support services. Within our Law Department, we also have a top notch team of staff counsel trial attorneys that help defend our insured in liability lawsuits arising from auto or homeowners’ claims.

Internal auditing career

Our Internal Audit team consults Company leaders and the Board of Directors. We also ensure an independent, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving risk management, control, and governance processes. We’re responsible for reviewing financial, operational, risk management, and compliance control systems. Auditors monitor changes within the Company, insurance and financial services industry, and the auditing profession.