Facilities Management Careers

Make a career with a community

Facilities Management and Administrative Services careers are the backbone of our most critical company needs. Our teams take care of every building – its operation and equipment – as well as orchestrate the massive deployment of people and materials needed for disaster response.

Day in and day out, we use what’s necessary to support the goals of State Farm®.

Facilities management career

Whether it's maintaining our environmental and communication systems, managing supplies and inventory, or enabling employees to travel with safe and efficient transportation, you'll find plenty of career options in Administrative Services.


  • Property management and infrastructure support
  • First-class mail and print operations
  • Data, telecommunications, and audio-visual support
  • Business travel
  • Ensuring a safe, secure work environment
  • Proactive, innovative, and cost-effective procurement and distribution services
  • Supply chain management strategies
  • Strategic planning and selection of innovative business and technology solutions
  • Design and execution of real estate and leasing strategies
  • Floor plan development and construction design
  • Organize and support the Company’s catastrophe program